Calculate Road Distances in US
how to calculate distance between cities in US:

To find the distances between cities in US and other useful information such as average speed, driving time, the recommended breaks, fuel consumption, fuel price, type in the above fields the names of localities - FROM Bismarck,ND TO Kalamazoo,MI and then press ENTER key or click on DISTANCE button.

You can enter the exact address, but please note that it is possible that some information are not available

Change the route for US
After generating the route Bismarck,ND - Kalamazoo,MI could be changed by simply dragging the line with the mouse. The change can be applied to any intermediate points of that route as well as the points of departure and arrival.
Once modified all the other calculations for that route are automatically recalculated:
average speed Bismarck,ND - Kalamazoo,MI
driving time Bismarck,ND - Kalamazoo,MI
recommended break Bismarck,ND - Kalamazoo,MI
fuel consumption Bismarck,ND - Kalamazoo,MI
fuel price Bismarck,ND - Kalamazoo,MI.

Adjustment of fuel consumption and fuel price for Bismarck,ND - Kalamazoo,MI

You can modify the values ​​corresponding to the average consumption value of your vehicle, fuel prices could be as well modified with any desired value.
Calculation of fuel cost and total fuel consumption will be automatically recalculated without having to press any other button or key.

US Road distances
leaving from Bismarck,ND - arriving to Kalamazoo,MI

leaving from

Distance Bismarck,ND - Paradise,CA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Russellville,AR
Distance Bismarck,ND - Las-Vegas,NV
Distance Bismarck,ND - Rancho-Santa-Margarita,CA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Mount-Lebanon,PA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Mansfield-City,CT
Distance Bismarck,ND - Roy,UT
Distance Bismarck,ND - Eau-Claire,WI
Distance Bismarck,ND - Greenburgh,NY
Distance Bismarck,ND - Bellflower,CA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Covington,KY
Distance Bismarck,ND - Rocklin,CA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Medford,MA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Nampa,ID
Distance Bismarck,ND - Salem,MA
Distance Bismarck,ND - West-Raleigh,NC
Distance Bismarck,ND - Englewood,NJ
Distance Bismarck,ND - Shakopee,MN
Distance Bismarck,ND - Roseville,MI
Distance Bismarck,ND - San-Jose,CA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Champaign,IL
Distance Bismarck,ND - Royal-Oak,MI
Distance Bismarck,ND - Valley-Stream,NY
Distance Bismarck,ND - Gahanna,OH
Distance Bismarck,ND - Virginia-Beach,VA
Distance Bismarck,ND - Phoenix,AZ
Distance Bismarck,ND - Belleville,NJ

arriving to

Distance Paradise,CA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Russellville,AR - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Las-Vegas,NV - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Rancho-Santa-Margarita,CA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Mount-Lebanon,PA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Mansfield-City,CT - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Roy,UT - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Eau-Claire,WI - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Greenburgh,NY - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Bellflower,CA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Covington,KY - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Rocklin,CA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Medford,MA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Nampa,ID - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Salem,MA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance West-Raleigh,NC - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Englewood,NJ - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Shakopee,MN - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Roseville,MI - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance San-Jose,CA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Champaign,IL - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Royal-Oak,MI - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Valley-Stream,NY - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Gahanna,OH - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Virginia-Beach,VA - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Phoenix,AZ - Kalamazoo,MI
Distance Belleville,NJ - Kalamazoo,MI

Bismarck,ND map

Kalamazoo,MI map

road distance Bismarck,ND Kalamazoo,MI
average speed between Bismarck,ND Kalamazoo,MI
driving Bismarck,ND Kalamazoo,MI
recomended breaks for Bismarck,ND Kalamazoo,MI
total time including breaks
fuel costs settings
fuel costs for route Bismarck,ND Kalamazoo,MI
- $
consumption settings
fuel consumption for routeBismarck,ND Kalamazoo,MI
- gal

Set fuel's price and consumption

Fuel price




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